A full suite of Treasury Modules support the trading of a wide range of domestic and international financial instruments including foreign exchange, Fund Requisition and Management. These modules assist dealers in deal capture, position maintenance / revaluation. The treasury module supports the various functional areas within the bank accounting, settlement & messaging and management information.

  • Dealer Management – manage activities related to dealers
  • Counter Party Management – manage activities related to counter party
  • Fund Management – perform fund management activities
  • Limit Management – perform limit management activities
  • FX Dealings – all FX related dealings are handled
  • Money Market – all money market transaction are managed
  • Securities (Bill/Bonds) – purchase and sell bills and bonds
  • Share Investment – manage investment activities easily
  • Borrowings/Liabilities – manage borrowing activities
  • Reconciliation – easily reconcile all the statements
  • Revaluation – assess and revise the value of assets and liabilities
  • Browser/Device Independent – It is browser independent, so it can be operated from any PC, Tab, and Mobile Devices.
  • Database Independent – Developed using .NET Framework
  • Easy Integration – The solution can be easily integrated using Generic APIs.

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