ERA has a handful experience in working with different foreign companies. We customize our way of work with different companies as per their need.

What are we currently outsourcing?
  • Exchange the service, expertise
  • Build a system
  • Maintain the system
  • Test the system
Key Strategy
  • Partnership
    • Consultant based
    • Partnership based
  • Complete Product/Service
    • IoT
    • Existing services (ERP, HR, Agent Banking)
Business Model
  • Time & Material: Time & Material (aka T&M) model works mostly on projects where there are some unclear or evolving requirements. This is widely used where the projects are large with a lot of innovations are required.
  • Project Basis: This approach is just the opposite of the T&M. The model is suitable for projects with a clear requirement like small, medium or large projects.
  • Dedicated Team: Dedicated team is always preferred by clients. This approach works mostly with the T&M model. With a dedicated team, clients have the ease to monitor & manage remotely which includes development process, meeting on a regular basis.
  • Hybrid Model: In some complex development process we need a mixture of all the process. These are mostly special cases which rely on several factors. At this point we need apply both T&M and Dedicated team model. This is Hybrid model.
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