Intelligent Solution for Intelligent People

Artificial intelligence (AI) brings with it a promise of genuine human-to-machine interaction. When machines become intelligent, they can understand requests, connect data points and draw conclusions. AI based solutions in ERA-InfoTech Ltd includes Machine Learning (Supervised Learning), Deep Learning such Neural Network based solutions. Working for years in AI, we have a highly qualified team for providing solutions in developing, designing and integrating Artificial Intelligence techniques within the customer’s business environment.

Our Product line:

AIDSS is a core AI based Decision Support System engine which will provide data driven decisions based on the knowledge gained by the system from previously provided data more efficiently, effectively and easily!

  • Designed to provide any type of data driven business decision for any organizations
  • Assure the Highest Accuracy Rate based on best fit model
  • Work with any number, length and type of training ‘data attributes’ without customization
  • Provides the best voted decision from the decisions produced by all the models

Chat BOT: provide personalized support services to customers 24/7. “CRM Chat BOT—AVA” is a personalized customer service bot through which a company can provide service to its customer. It can be done through various options like Smart Apps, Web and Social Medias (e.g. Facebook)

Interview BOT: online recruitment of thousands of applicants at the same time. It speeds up The Interview Process & shorten time to recruit.

  • Makes life easy for both recruiter and applicant
  • Unlimited user/examinee at a time
  • Checking results autonomously
  • Define question and answer time schedule, exam schedule etc.
  • Random questions to applicants
  • Identify real examinee
    • Face recognition; live movement detection (eye blink)
    • Multiple person detection
  • Resume from where applicant left
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